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Who fell off the face of the earth? June 9, 2011

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Yeah.  So, what happened to me writing every week, a couple times a week?  I got really sick.  I tried to power through it. It didn’t work.  I finally went to the doctor who declared I had strep throat and bronchitis. AT THE SAME TIME.  I was given 3 different medications. The strep cleared up but my cough was not getting better. I went back to the doctor who gave me an inhaler.  3 weeks later I was FINALLY feeling more like myself.  What else has happened in the last few months?  I fell off the blogging wagon, apparently.  Also, I am dreadfully behind on my 101 in 1001 list.  I should have been knocking out those movies while I was stuck in bed!

Work is still….work.  Right now I’m working at a different branch for a few months while they train someone else at my branch.  It’s definitely an adjustment for me, too.  My branch is smaller and doesn’t see nearly as much traffic throughout the day.  There are only four of us, which means we all have more responisbilities to run the branch.  At the branch I am working at now, there are more than ten of us, and the traffic is WAY higher.  There are more of us to shoulder responsibilites, which means that a lot more of my day is spent helping members rather than working on reports.  It’s also a completely different dynamic working with so many people.  I’m still getting used to having to communicate with so many more coworkers about what is going on.

I’m currently counting down the days to vacation.  Exactly one week from today, Zach and I are going on an extended weekend vacation in Portland. I’m so excited I started counting down at a month out!

So that’s my life in a nutshell. Hopefully, I can get back on the wagon and share more about my vacation and getting through my 101 list.


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