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Check & check! January 26, 2011

Filed under: 101 in 1001 — Mandy Sue @ 2:30 am

Numbers 1 and 8 have officially been checked off the list.  Unfortunately I’m a rusty blogger and forgot to take before pictures and only have afters. Sadface.  At any rate, we’ve been putting off cleaning out our downstairs storage area basically since we moved in.  Unfortunately, it had more become something like the land of misfit toys or where things go to die.  It was easy to just toss a couple half emptied boxes down there when we moved in (winter clothes that we didn’t know where to put when we moved in this summer).  Gradually the pile grew til we really only had a walking path down the middle from doorway to doorway.

See the awesome storage rack?  We weren’t utilizing that at all before.  We actually haven’t gotten rid of a lot of stuff, just reorganized and realocated and the room feels like it is 3 times it’s size now!   We have a stack of stuff to donate to Goodwill in the corner:

Along with a few bags of recyclables.  Other than that all of our stuff to store has been alocated to the storage shelf.  I’m loving it!   And we finally had room to put away our Christmas decorations that had been sadly boxed up and sitting in our living room since we took down our tree 2 weeks ago.

Also tackled this weekend was our horrendous living room window.  Again, I don’t have a before picture, but here’s a picture of the front door which has just about the same treatment as the big window had before we took  the awesful window treatment down.

I was truly loving the white metal blinds holder that doesn’t actually fit the window sans blinds look, but it was time for something new.  We’d bought the white sheers a couple months ago, but had yet to buy a double rod, or any actual curtains to block out light.  I finally caved and bought an inexpensive rod at Target as well as some “wine” colored curtains that were on clearance.  I know how much DIY projects like this frustrate my husband so I tackled this while he was at work.  I still need to buy some tie backs but I’m really liking the look.  I think it’s an improvement at least!


2 Responses to “Check & check!”

  1. Awesome job Mandy. Everything looks great. I figure we need to tackle an average of 3 items a month in order to complete 101 in 1001 on time. 🙂

    • Mandy Sue Says:

      I have several though that require multiple occurrences before I can check it off (Try 5 new foods, Do 10 random acts of kindness). So I have to also keep that in mind as well!

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